Saturday, 21 April 2012



           The best thing learning in Critical Literacy is learning about to criticize others. Yes, it might sound irritating and annoying but it is the true colours of a human that cannot be deny. Human always pretend to be good and hide their very good behaviours that is so boring and tired when we look at. For example, just look at ourselves, are we showing the truth attitudes of ourselves when we are with our couple?


             Some people think that it is a waste if we cannot be a good actor in our life. If we cannot apply those things, what is the use of life? It is the opinion of the intelligent people maybe. If we think deeply, being sarcastic and selfish is good as people will not underestimate us as a fool person. We will think that we are very powerful as we can control people but, inside ourselves, we are actually the coward person. We are imitating others to scared people who are not scared to us.

  Lastly, we always criticise people about their attitudes since we have a very good attitudes that people really cannot follow with. Since you are reading this, don’t you feel yourself are being criticize and you may feel annoyed and irritating if those things in above really fits you.


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