Sunday, 22 April 2012


It is quite weird on the name. but, still we need to make it familiar with us as we are going to do a very weird dance that no one want to do it. In Laos wedding, the elder need to dance while the groom side came to bride's house. They need to dance along the way until he reached the house. There are also some people will ask, 'do you need to dance? It is shame for you’. Well, I got no feeling about it as it is only the specialty that we find in the Laos Wedding. If we are not performing the terrible dance, then it is not Laos Wedding.

Dance is a must in culture of Laos Wedding. They believe that dance along the way to go bride's house will prevent evil spirit from disturb the marriage. There was a story in Laos Wedding in which there was a group of bride's family doesn't want to dance. Fortunately, they got married. But, long their marriage can survive. It is just two month. Maybe that is the consequences from their action in not dancing. It is their culture that they will follow in sake of the life after marriage.

Of course we want a long lasting marriage. Same goes to Malay marriage. We also still need to follow the tradition by or ancestors. But, modern people will reject and do as they like. As a result, does their marriage can survive? Sometimes, we must follow advice from others as they know more. They have the rules and regulations in wedding that we didn’t know. So, don’t be arrogant and follow the rules of that have been set up for you as you make the bed, so, you lie on it.

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