Wednesday, 25 April 2012


The most cruel series killer that are being called as Jack the Ripper. Being picky in killer and only chooses women or best known as prostitutes. Luckily, it happens in London on that time and not in Malaysia. I couldn't imagine if it was in Malaysia. It will be very shocked and I don't think that I will be able to go out again alone. Jack the Ripper is very cruel as he is not killing by just stabbing and left the victim, but, he also take out the victim's kidney.

In order to find out who is Jack the ripper, we need to identify 4 things that are alibi, motive, opportunity and character. Based on all the suspects, I found that James Kelly fits the possibility as the Jack the Ripper in which he had strong reasons kill the prostitutes. He hated prostitutes and it is the alibi. We will wonder why he hates prostitutes. It is because his mother is a prostitute and had left him while he still young.  The character to be jack the ripper is he must be very strong. He must has the knowledge about human's body as jack the ripper is very expert in taking out the kidney without destroy the kidney.

For motive, he has mental illness and has capacity to do murders. Since from young, he feels that the God has given him a mission to clean the London city from useless prostitutes that do not contribute anything to the country. Meanwhile, opportunity can be seen when he is there when the murders happen in cities around the Unites States. There is evidence shows and stated that he went to the place that happen murders.

But, the most single thing that obviously shows James Kelly Jack the Ripper is he kill his wife by stabbing at the neck and it is the same place that Jack the Ripper do to the victims that he had choose. So, the case is closed and

Jack the Ripper is James Kelly.

Sunday, 22 April 2012


It is quite weird on the name. but, still we need to make it familiar with us as we are going to do a very weird dance that no one want to do it. In Laos wedding, the elder need to dance while the groom side came to bride's house. They need to dance along the way until he reached the house. There are also some people will ask, 'do you need to dance? It is shame for you’. Well, I got no feeling about it as it is only the specialty that we find in the Laos Wedding. If we are not performing the terrible dance, then it is not Laos Wedding.

Dance is a must in culture of Laos Wedding. They believe that dance along the way to go bride's house will prevent evil spirit from disturb the marriage. There was a story in Laos Wedding in which there was a group of bride's family doesn't want to dance. Fortunately, they got married. But, long their marriage can survive. It is just two month. Maybe that is the consequences from their action in not dancing. It is their culture that they will follow in sake of the life after marriage.

Of course we want a long lasting marriage. Same goes to Malay marriage. We also still need to follow the tradition by or ancestors. But, modern people will reject and do as they like. As a result, does their marriage can survive? Sometimes, we must follow advice from others as they know more. They have the rules and regulations in wedding that we didn’t know. So, don’t be arrogant and follow the rules of that have been set up for you as you make the bed, so, you lie on it.

Saturday, 21 April 2012


            Well, it can be conclude that learning syllogism is the creative and different method to criticize people. When we are learning about others country and we are wearing their clothes, for example, toga and we can feel the spirit of the Roman people a long time ago. The hero is Julius Caesar that was a very brave person but also a killer. No wonder, he died because of being killed by his own adopter child. There are different perspectives about the death of Julius Caesar in which does he deserved the death or not. You will find the answer in this syllogism been made specialty from my functioned old brain. 

According to Brutus, an honourable man:
He kills Julius Caesar for the freedom of romans,
A brave man will attack Caesar without any help,
Only coward people can kill Julius Caesar,
Therefore, Brutus is a coward person.
Thus, Brutus is not an honourable man.

An ambitious man wills always success,
Caesar always wins in the wars,
Therefore, Caesar is an ambitious man.

What is your stand towards my syllogism? My point of views would be that Caesar should not be killed as he is the leader of the Roman people. Moreover, the ones who killed him in the end is his own adopter child. This is just my opinion that can easily be changed by fact in any time from now. 


Since this is very critical, just prepare yourself to think more relax. This part required us to identify within our imagination. So, let’s take a look on family institutions in which the controlling parents who are always worried if their children being friends with bad people.

When we say the controlling parents, certainly the prisoners would be the children. It is because parents were too much taking care of their children until the children cannot do anything. Their movements, behaviours and friends are under their parents’ control. It will make the children’s life miserable, unhappy and dull without the freedom in their heart. The chains that control over the children are the parents’ words or order. Children care for their parents and they will follow whatever their parents say as it is the manners and to show the love towards the parents.

The fire would be the children’s emotion for being told that people outside are bad. They are confusing whether to believe or not. The shadows and the images are the illusion of people behaviour. The children still do not know about how actually are the people behaviours that they do not meet yet and they are imaging the true behaviours of people outside there. The puppet players will be the parents in which they take control over their children. Parents always beside them and spend a lot of time with them. They influence their children’s mind and telling that people outside are bad. Meanwhile, the old man will be the aunty as the aunty will tell the truth to the children that people outside are not bad actually.

The prisoners will hurt his eyes when he was liberated because the children are still shocked and tend to believe with their parents’ words. The prisoners still insist that the images which he has seen before are much more real than the statues because they trust their parents since parents are the ones that teach the children in the young age.



           The best thing learning in Critical Literacy is learning about to criticize others. Yes, it might sound irritating and annoying but it is the true colours of a human that cannot be deny. Human always pretend to be good and hide their very good behaviours that is so boring and tired when we look at. For example, just look at ourselves, are we showing the truth attitudes of ourselves when we are with our couple?


             Some people think that it is a waste if we cannot be a good actor in our life. If we cannot apply those things, what is the use of life? It is the opinion of the intelligent people maybe. If we think deeply, being sarcastic and selfish is good as people will not underestimate us as a fool person. We will think that we are very powerful as we can control people but, inside ourselves, we are actually the coward person. We are imitating others to scared people who are not scared to us.

  Lastly, we always criticise people about their attitudes since we have a very good attitudes that people really cannot follow with. Since you are reading this, don’t you feel yourself are being criticize and you may feel annoyed and irritating if those things in above really fits you.