Saturday, 21 April 2012


Since this is very critical, just prepare yourself to think more relax. This part required us to identify within our imagination. So, let’s take a look on family institutions in which the controlling parents who are always worried if their children being friends with bad people.

When we say the controlling parents, certainly the prisoners would be the children. It is because parents were too much taking care of their children until the children cannot do anything. Their movements, behaviours and friends are under their parents’ control. It will make the children’s life miserable, unhappy and dull without the freedom in their heart. The chains that control over the children are the parents’ words or order. Children care for their parents and they will follow whatever their parents say as it is the manners and to show the love towards the parents.

The fire would be the children’s emotion for being told that people outside are bad. They are confusing whether to believe or not. The shadows and the images are the illusion of people behaviour. The children still do not know about how actually are the people behaviours that they do not meet yet and they are imaging the true behaviours of people outside there. The puppet players will be the parents in which they take control over their children. Parents always beside them and spend a lot of time with them. They influence their children’s mind and telling that people outside are bad. Meanwhile, the old man will be the aunty as the aunty will tell the truth to the children that people outside are not bad actually.

The prisoners will hurt his eyes when he was liberated because the children are still shocked and tend to believe with their parents’ words. The prisoners still insist that the images which he has seen before are much more real than the statues because they trust their parents since parents are the ones that teach the children in the young age.

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