Wednesday, 25 April 2012


The most cruel series killer that are being called as Jack the Ripper. Being picky in killer and only chooses women or best known as prostitutes. Luckily, it happens in London on that time and not in Malaysia. I couldn't imagine if it was in Malaysia. It will be very shocked and I don't think that I will be able to go out again alone. Jack the Ripper is very cruel as he is not killing by just stabbing and left the victim, but, he also take out the victim's kidney.

In order to find out who is Jack the ripper, we need to identify 4 things that are alibi, motive, opportunity and character. Based on all the suspects, I found that James Kelly fits the possibility as the Jack the Ripper in which he had strong reasons kill the prostitutes. He hated prostitutes and it is the alibi. We will wonder why he hates prostitutes. It is because his mother is a prostitute and had left him while he still young.  The character to be jack the ripper is he must be very strong. He must has the knowledge about human's body as jack the ripper is very expert in taking out the kidney without destroy the kidney.

For motive, he has mental illness and has capacity to do murders. Since from young, he feels that the God has given him a mission to clean the London city from useless prostitutes that do not contribute anything to the country. Meanwhile, opportunity can be seen when he is there when the murders happen in cities around the Unites States. There is evidence shows and stated that he went to the place that happen murders.

But, the most single thing that obviously shows James Kelly Jack the Ripper is he kill his wife by stabbing at the neck and it is the same place that Jack the Ripper do to the victims that he had choose. So, the case is closed and

Jack the Ripper is James Kelly.

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