Saturday, 21 April 2012


            Well, it can be conclude that learning syllogism is the creative and different method to criticize people. When we are learning about others country and we are wearing their clothes, for example, toga and we can feel the spirit of the Roman people a long time ago. The hero is Julius Caesar that was a very brave person but also a killer. No wonder, he died because of being killed by his own adopter child. There are different perspectives about the death of Julius Caesar in which does he deserved the death or not. You will find the answer in this syllogism been made specialty from my functioned old brain. 

According to Brutus, an honourable man:
He kills Julius Caesar for the freedom of romans,
A brave man will attack Caesar without any help,
Only coward people can kill Julius Caesar,
Therefore, Brutus is a coward person.
Thus, Brutus is not an honourable man.

An ambitious man wills always success,
Caesar always wins in the wars,
Therefore, Caesar is an ambitious man.

What is your stand towards my syllogism? My point of views would be that Caesar should not be killed as he is the leader of the Roman people. Moreover, the ones who killed him in the end is his own adopter child. This is just my opinion that can easily be changed by fact in any time from now. 

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