Friday, 10 February 2012

JEWISH PEOPLE. WHAT actually are their SECRETS to Success?

Let me share with you something interesting that I think, we as a
Muslims must know about it. Long time ago, I have read about
one research of a professor and he has done the research in
Palestine. The researcher is a Malaysian and he was so eagerly
to know how they can success meanwhile they have no lands
before this.

 They have lie to us all this while. Do you know who
has introduced you about the soya bean? Based on the Jewish
people, soya bean makes people mind slow in reacting, in other word,
it became less creative or fool. They don’t drink soya bean and
of course, they are happy to see us drink it every day. 

They also are intelligent people, although we want to deny it.
 Before this, they had no land and they use their pretended manners 
to stay temporary at Palestine. They know, Palestine people
 have kind heart and they take advantage on it. We can see
 how Palestine people’s kindnesses have been replaced
 by them. The Jewish people took their land
and now, Palestine people had no place to stay. 

The Jewish people also are good in manipulating people. They 
don’t care about others and what they know is to reach their 
targets. They are not easy in giving up getting what they want 
and that’s why, now, they have become one of the scary
 and great powers in the world. On their eyes,
yes, they are powerful, but, not in my eyes, they are still the coward ones.

And the last is, something that is true and their women practise it,
that is, they teach their baby while they are still in the womb. They teach
continuously every day and it will give a big impact to their baby.
I’m telling you the truth based on what I have read, and I hope
we can always be cautious on the Jewish People.

Thursday, 9 February 2012


In this life, it is important to know that, are you learning from
your past experience. But, not for Steve Jobs, being abandoned
by his biological parents and now, he abandoned his own child, Lisa.

But, do we ever wonder on why did he do like that. He has felt how
the feeling of being abandoned is and why he still doing that to his
own child and it takes him a long time to admit the child as his. From this,
we can say that it is because of his biological family background. If we can
see on people nowadays, they will follow the attitude of their parents, and
it can be said that he is following his biological father’s attitude. It caused
him to react the way his father did towards his daughter, Lisa.

 Second is because of his young age, it is hard to believe 
that he is going to have a child in his teenagers’ age as it is his time to 
still playing and not being seriouson this heavy responsibility matter.
 He also says that he is infertile to have a baby on that time, so it is impossible 
for him to admit it. As a proof, you can read in,

But, after 8 years and until the DNA tests proved it, they live together 
and the father and daughter were able to start building a 
relationship. However,have you ever thinking about living in the
 earth without knowing whoour parents are. We will be searching our own 
identity and it will makeour life dissatisfied. It is good to know 
who our parents as we will get to identify, who is ourselves

The Pianist....Are you Brave As Him..???

What will you do if you were in his place? Do you think you are brave enough
to face on what he has faced? Imagine, if you are in the Pianist movie in the
World War II, you are being surrounded by the soldiers who are cruel and
ready to shoot anyone. And what is your feeling if the soldiers were the
 Jewish or Nazi soldiers. Both of them hate Islam and of course our life will
be full of miserable.  We will face hunger, persecution that will make our
life unsecure anymore. 

 But, do we ever think on why the actor,
Władysław Szpilman has an awesome spirit to live in the war country. At that time,
he is alone and he has seen death, torture and starvation in front of his eyes. If
we on his place, are we willing to see all that and continue our life like usual.

We also are being limited in amount of money, how are we going to buy food for
a long time period for our family. If the person has a less faith, of course
he will be crazy and surrender to the soldiers. And would you spare your time
to think that you are being on the road and you family members die of
being shot while running to save themselves. 

 Are you willing to separate
from you family and your loved ones and the chances to survive also are very thin.
Being forced to work a year by  year and there are killing, shooting, and
beating everywhere. Or, what do you think my friends?
What you will do if you were in his place?
Are you going to be as brave as him?

Monday, 6 February 2012


Robert Greene is a great writer. He likes to write a journal or books about human life.
In Critical Literacy, he talks about ‘men and women are merely players’. 
Hesays that both men and women are crazy of power. 

When we think about it,
 it seems true and it happens in our society now as all people 
want comfort and wealthy in their life. But, sometimes, this kind of group
 is not good as they will take advantage on other people’s weakness.
 They will trick people even their own best friends. 

Robert Greene says that,
 we must beware of such people as they are very good players in 
power. They make strategies that cleverly disguise the nature 
of the manipulation involved. In other article that he writealso, about
 Power, Seductionand War,and you can visit in
C:\Users\user\Downloads\Power, Seduction and War The Blog of Robert Greene.htm .

He says about ‘how we want to be powerful’. First is Machiavellian reality,
 means that we must try to use the chances that we have although 
it is hard. We should not run away as if you don’t try, you will not 
success in life.

 The second is existential reality, what it really means
 to be a human being,  means that we must know our position and not to
 over in showing thatwe are good more than others. It will make people hate 
and annoying more onus. 

The third isaesthetic realism, means that 
we understand others. They also like us, want to get power and
 position and we must  try to understand them too, so, they will understand 
us. He isthe writer of ‘The  48 Laws of Power’ and if you want
 to success and have power in your life, try
 to consider his advice and read about the book.

JERRY SEINFELD, A Steady Comedian.

For all my friends and my lecturer, Sir Kamaraziz, the comedian that I choose 
is Jerry Seinfeld.  For me, he is a good comedian in which he is
also an  actor,writer, and television and film producer.  He also a co-wrote
 and co-producer the film of Bee Movie

Seinfeld is known for specializing inobservational humor
in which he likes to joke about what we do in everyday life and the thing that 
society sees it as a normal. But, he will make it up as fun jokes. You can
 watchon “Jerry Seinfeld-McDonalds” in Jerry Seinfeld-dry cleaning, in
It was funny video and you will never expect about what he says. 

He jokes about McDonalds selling and about the size of clothes
 that he sends to the dry cleaning. Furthermore, Comedy Central has ranked
 Jerry Seinfeld as one of the twelve greatest stand-up comedians of all time 
in its four-part special The 100 Greatest Standups Of All Time.
 It is important to have a deep interest towards something that  
we want to do and we can success through that.

 For Jerry Seinfeld, he has developed an interest in stand-up 
comedy after brief stints in college productions and after graduation from 
Queens College, he tried out at an open-mic night at New York City's 
Catch a Rising Starwhich led to an appearance in a Rodney Dangerfield HBO
special. No wonder,today, he has become a great and famous comedian.