Friday, 10 February 2012

JEWISH PEOPLE. WHAT actually are their SECRETS to Success?

Let me share with you something interesting that I think, we as a
Muslims must know about it. Long time ago, I have read about
one research of a professor and he has done the research in
Palestine. The researcher is a Malaysian and he was so eagerly
to know how they can success meanwhile they have no lands
before this.

 They have lie to us all this while. Do you know who
has introduced you about the soya bean? Based on the Jewish
people, soya bean makes people mind slow in reacting, in other word,
it became less creative or fool. They don’t drink soya bean and
of course, they are happy to see us drink it every day. 

They also are intelligent people, although we want to deny it.
 Before this, they had no land and they use their pretended manners 
to stay temporary at Palestine. They know, Palestine people
 have kind heart and they take advantage on it. We can see
 how Palestine people’s kindnesses have been replaced
 by them. The Jewish people took their land
and now, Palestine people had no place to stay. 

The Jewish people also are good in manipulating people. They 
don’t care about others and what they know is to reach their 
targets. They are not easy in giving up getting what they want 
and that’s why, now, they have become one of the scary
 and great powers in the world. On their eyes,
yes, they are powerful, but, not in my eyes, they are still the coward ones.

And the last is, something that is true and their women practise it,
that is, they teach their baby while they are still in the womb. They teach
continuously every day and it will give a big impact to their baby.
I’m telling you the truth based on what I have read, and I hope
we can always be cautious on the Jewish People.

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