Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Pianist....Are you Brave As Him..???

What will you do if you were in his place? Do you think you are brave enough
to face on what he has faced? Imagine, if you are in the Pianist movie in the
World War II, you are being surrounded by the soldiers who are cruel and
ready to shoot anyone. And what is your feeling if the soldiers were the
 Jewish or Nazi soldiers. Both of them hate Islam and of course our life will
be full of miserable.  We will face hunger, persecution that will make our
life unsecure anymore. 

 But, do we ever think on why the actor,
Władysław Szpilman has an awesome spirit to live in the war country. At that time,
he is alone and he has seen death, torture and starvation in front of his eyes. If
we on his place, are we willing to see all that and continue our life like usual.

We also are being limited in amount of money, how are we going to buy food for
a long time period for our family. If the person has a less faith, of course
he will be crazy and surrender to the soldiers. And would you spare your time
to think that you are being on the road and you family members die of
being shot while running to save themselves. 

 Are you willing to separate
from you family and your loved ones and the chances to survive also are very thin.
Being forced to work a year by  year and there are killing, shooting, and
beating everywhere. Or, what do you think my friends?
What you will do if you were in his place?
Are you going to be as brave as him?

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