Monday, 6 February 2012


Robert Greene is a great writer. He likes to write a journal or books about human life.
In Critical Literacy, he talks about ‘men and women are merely players’. 
Hesays that both men and women are crazy of power. 

When we think about it,
 it seems true and it happens in our society now as all people 
want comfort and wealthy in their life. But, sometimes, this kind of group
 is not good as they will take advantage on other people’s weakness.
 They will trick people even their own best friends. 

Robert Greene says that,
 we must beware of such people as they are very good players in 
power. They make strategies that cleverly disguise the nature 
of the manipulation involved. In other article that he writealso, about
 Power, Seductionand War,and you can visit in
C:\Users\user\Downloads\Power, Seduction and War The Blog of Robert Greene.htm .

He says about ‘how we want to be powerful’. First is Machiavellian reality,
 means that we must try to use the chances that we have although 
it is hard. We should not run away as if you don’t try, you will not 
success in life.

 The second is existential reality, what it really means
 to be a human being,  means that we must know our position and not to
 over in showing thatwe are good more than others. It will make people hate 
and annoying more onus. 

The third isaesthetic realism, means that 
we understand others. They also like us, want to get power and
 position and we must  try to understand them too, so, they will understand 
us. He isthe writer of ‘The  48 Laws of Power’ and if you want
 to success and have power in your life, try
 to consider his advice and read about the book.

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