Thursday, 9 February 2012


In this life, it is important to know that, are you learning from
your past experience. But, not for Steve Jobs, being abandoned
by his biological parents and now, he abandoned his own child, Lisa.

But, do we ever wonder on why did he do like that. He has felt how
the feeling of being abandoned is and why he still doing that to his
own child and it takes him a long time to admit the child as his. From this,
we can say that it is because of his biological family background. If we can
see on people nowadays, they will follow the attitude of their parents, and
it can be said that he is following his biological father’s attitude. It caused
him to react the way his father did towards his daughter, Lisa.

 Second is because of his young age, it is hard to believe 
that he is going to have a child in his teenagers’ age as it is his time to 
still playing and not being seriouson this heavy responsibility matter.
 He also says that he is infertile to have a baby on that time, so it is impossible 
for him to admit it. As a proof, you can read in,

But, after 8 years and until the DNA tests proved it, they live together 
and the father and daughter were able to start building a 
relationship. However,have you ever thinking about living in the
 earth without knowing whoour parents are. We will be searching our own 
identity and it will makeour life dissatisfied. It is good to know 
who our parents as we will get to identify, who is ourselves

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